2020 Mission Statement


Shiloh Baptist Church Mission Statement 2020


The Shiloh Baptist Church is a fellowship of committed believers in the LORD Jesus Christ. As a fellowship of believers we are Growing together towards Christian maturity - Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus!.

Our objective for this year is reviewed theology, renewed commitment and resounding faith. This Spirit inspired focus influences our worship, proclamation, witness, Christian education, evangelism and outreach. We understand ourselves to be a few of God's chosen instruments empowered for the redemption of the lost world, which is God's ultimate purpose for our faith lived in community. This focus finds its foundation in the following scriptures:


PSALMS 121* MATTHEW 16:13-19* HEBREWS 12:1-3


This intricate, multifaceted ministry approach calls for the Shiloh Baptist Church family to seek the Lord in all our ministry efforts in order that we might operate in the refreshing breath of the Holy Spirit. Hence all ministry leadership and all that we do is measured by the scrutiny of the word of God as mandated for each disciple by the Lord!