The Pastor

Pastor Christopher C. White


The Reverend Christopher C. White serves as the Pastor of Shiloh Baptist in El Paso, Texas. Pastor C. was born to the late Carolyn White & Robert Norris. His two sisters, Bertina and Anita White, and him were raised by their maternal grandparents: Aretha and the late Lesley White.

Pastor C. is a proud native of Chicago, and product of the Chicago Public School System. Pastor C. received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in English with minor in Theological Studies and Christian Ministry from Elmhurst College in Elmhurst, Illinois. Pastor C. has achieved his Master of Divinity Degree with concentration in The Study of Black Faith and Life from the Chicago Theological Seminary. Pastor C. is in pursuit of obtaining his Doctor of Ministry from United Theological Seminary.

Since his early youth, Pastor C. has been actively involved in the work of the Church. Pastor C. grew up in the Morning Star Baptist Church of Chicago. This is where he was baptized by the late Rev. Percy C. Slaughter at the age of six. After accepting the Lord as his personal savior, he began to work in the church as a junior deacon, sang in the youth choir, and served as an armor bearer to his pastor. During the time of the church being without a pastor, he received his call to preach the gospel. Being led by the Holy Spirit he then joined True Light Church Baptist where he was licensed to the ministry by Pastor LaRue F. Kidd on November 30, 2008. On February 24, 2013 Pastor Kidd elevated him to become the Assistant to the Pastor. Then on May 31, 2015 after much consideration from several pastors of the Salem District Association of Chicago and Vicinity on the ordination council, Pastor C. became an ordained minister.

Pastor C. is a certified Christian education teacher through the Sunday School Publishing Board in National Baptist Convention, USA. Pastor C. has been inducted into the National Honor Society. Pastor C. is a lifetime member of the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, Inc., and the NAACP.

Among the many gifts and talents with which God has blessed Pastor C., none are more meaningful and fulfilling to him than preaching and teaching God’s word to the people of God. Pastor C. has lectured, preached and taught in numerous conferences, conventions, revivals, and on his own college campus. Pastor C. seeks to reach the lost, perfect the saint, and uplift the broken through the Word of God. As a result, Pastor C. believes and practices what the scripture says in Luke 4: 43, “I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also: for I was sent for this purpose.” So, Pastor C. continues to be the Christ centered Minister that God has called him to be.