Mission Statement


The Shiloh Baptist Church is a fellowship of committed believers in the LORD Jesus Christ. As a fellowship of believers, we are Growing Together as a Church Family, where Compassion is our Focus and Christ is our Foundation. This focus finds its foundation in the following scriptures:

Ephesians 4: 11-22

Our objective for this year is to be committed to becoming a better Church Family where visitors feel like family and where we all can do life together. To become a strong church family, we must be compassionate! Our commitment is that when people with issues, dilemmas, and situations come to Shiloh, they will find a family that is compassionate. As we commit ourselves to being more like Christ, we are determined to be compassionate. We are growing together and building on the firm and stable foundation, this foundation is Christ alone. Our testimony is: On Christ the solid rock we stand, all other ground is sinking sand. We give all glory and praise to God for what has happen and will happen in and through the ministry of the Shiloh Baptist Church.